January Thaw

I tried using the new Gutenberg editor. Like the old editor, it does not allow me to copy from my inventory of formatted poems, so I must retype them one line at a time. Also, the new editor ignores SHIFT-ENTER and inserts blank lines where they do not belong. As a result, I am back to the Classic editor. Only very short poems will appear here, and not as frequently as I had planned.

January Thaw

Sun on snow strikes opal sparks
from rabbit tracks dimpling surface crust.

A glaze of ice dissolves and drizzles
crystal water traffic down double-rutted roads.

Shadow shapes imply a row of houses
in a world reduced to black and white.

Warm-blooded neighbors greet each other
with shovel uplifted in the clear-eyed air.

–from Sailing into Sunset by Ann W. Borger, copyright 2007

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