Poetry pages

My last published poems are “Blue Mug” and “China Garden” in Diamonds: 75 Years of Indiana Poetry. So, the organization began before I was two. With a chapbook in mind, I bought the 2019 Poet’s Market and plan to start submitting again. I updated my listing in the Poets & Writers database, and am rethinking this blog.

The following message was more aspiration than reality. –March, 2019

These days I practice poetry five or six days a week by reading something from Poet’s Market, doing something with it, and typing a page from my scrap heap into a long Word document. In a week I have found and finished two poems. I hope this trend continues. It began as an organizing discipline, a way to pry me away from the daily maintenance of meal preparation, housework, and social activities that remain the core of my life.

It seems to me that working with words is–if nothing else–a way to preserve them in a memory which requires ever longer lead times for retrieval.