Official Hoosier Poet

In July of 2020 I learned that the three poems I submitted for the new Hoosier Poets database were accepted. “Moon Day in Winter” appears in the blog list on the right. Now it is 2021–where did the time go–and I am wondering where to focus during April, National Poetry Month. The animosity even within my over-55 neighborhood has been unparalleled. My contemplation of out-of-control emotion led, among other responses, to look up an old poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant.”

Last year I began by practicing poetry five or six days a week: reading something from Poet’s Market, doing something with it, and typing a page from my scrap heap into a long Word document. It began as an organizing discipline, a way to pry me away from the daily maintenance of meal preparation, housework, and social activities that remain the core of my life.

After three months of submitting to publications that had suspended publication, those not reading new work and those that simply did not reply, I got discouraged and distracted. A few editors sent encouraging words along with opportunities to submit to a fee-based contest. I entered a few no-fee contests, winning $10 from the Poetry Society of Indiana (PSI). I am at the stage now where I am not motivated to write more poems until I have a place for those in inventory.

Since Barrie and I have no trips planned due to coronavirus (see Limerick post) I have well organized files and am regaining my intermediate skills at the piano keyboard.