Welcome to Poetry pages

How did 2020 get here so fast? I am rethinking my site and WordPress is planning a new release March 30. For now I am traveling and making notes. I will post one of my published poems in March using the old application. Meanwhile, a few notes on the submission process.

Last year I began by practicing poetry five or six days a week: reading something from Poet’s Market, doing something with it, and typing a page from my scrap heap into a long Word document. It began as an organizing discipline, a way to pry me away from the daily maintenance of meal preparation, housework, and social activities that remain the core of my life.

After three months of submitting to publications that had suspended publication, those not reading new work and those that simply did not reply, I got discouraged and distracted. A few editors sent encouraging words along with opportunities to submit to a fee-based contest. I entered a few no-fee contests, winning $10 from the Poetry Society of Indiana (PSI). I am at the stage now where I am not motivated to write more poems until I have a place for those in inventory. Maybe this year I will create short stories.

It seems to me that working with words is–if nothing else–a way to preserve them in a memory which requires ever longer lead times for retrieval.